In this era, a responsive site is gaining popularity. Many customers are using a mobile device to browse online. They no longer use the device to share jokes with friends but to search for best deals online. Hence, if you create a responsive site, you will be on a safer side. But how will you create a website that will support the mobile device? Hiring a designer can work, but some of the designers cannot perform the task correctly. In this essence, you need to select the best enterprise e-commerce platform to help you create one that will look great on all screen sizes. Some of the platforms have the responsive feature while others lack it. Here are 5 reasons for considering responsiveness before choosing an enterprise e-commerce platform:

You will improve users’ experience

Customers’ experience can positively impact your business. Hence, you need to offer the best services that align with their expectations. You can measure the customers’ experience by looking at the time they spend on your site. If they spend more time on your site, then you offer the best services. When a customer finds that your site is difficult to navigate, they will press the exit button and look for another site. In this essence, an enterprise e-commerce platform with the responsive feature is essential as it will enable customers to browse easily using the mobile device. With this, they can spend more time on your site and can purchase more.

You will drive traffic to your site

Because most of the customers use the mobile device to browse online, they can come across your site if it supports the mobile device. If a customer comes across your site and finds that he/she has problems in accessing the menu, links, and button, they will abandon your site and describe it as unreliable. But if it will respond and change in different screen sizes, they will view your site as reliable. Hence, you need to select a responsive enterprise e-commerce platform to enable you to drive traffic and increase sales in other words a platform that offers you scalable software & solutions.

Better website loading time

Most of the customers are busy. Hence, they will abandon that site that will take longer to load. Some site will load at a slow speed when customers use a mobile device to browse online. However, they load fast on a desktop. To avoid this, you need to give the responsiveness feature a priority in the enterprise e-commerce platform. With this, your site will load quickly on a mobile device and customers will spend more time on your site.

Enhance SEO ranking

Ranking on the top of search engines is one of the great ways to increase sales. However, Google, Bing, and Yahoo cannot direct a website that isn’t responsive to their customers. They view these sites as untrustworthy. Hence, they lower their ranking.

However, if your site is responsive, search engines will place your website at the top for customers to view. In this essence, you need to consider using a responsive enterprise e-commerce platform.

You will increase the social sharing

Another great benefit of a responsive enterprise e-commerce platform is social sharing. Social media has a massive number of users. Hence, if you share your ad, you will get new audiences, drive traffic and increase the conversion rate. A responsive site will pair with the active social media buttons to make it easier to share links on your website pages even by using a smaller screen.


An enterprise e-commerce platform with a responsive design should be your first consideration. This platform is flexible and will allow you to make changes to your site. Also, you will take less time to update or refresh the way your website looks.